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Thank you for your interest in Greenville STEM Academy.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about student enrollment in 2024-25 or other topics.

At Greenville STEM Academy, we are intently building a very special school that is accessible to all families; with high academic standards, proven learning methods and a supportive, encouraging environment for students.  We believe Greenville STEM is destined to be the preferred educational choice for many students and families in Greenville, Pitt County, and surrounding communities.

We encourage you to spend time reviewing information here on our website and to contact Greenville STEM directly for answers to any specific questions you may have.

Please also review our frequently asked questions below for convenient information about topics of interest.

Simply stated, Greenville STEM Academy will provide your child with the rigorous curriculum, diverse multi-faceted learning experience, supportive environment, and best-in-class resources he or she deserves, in order to achieve full potential and become an accomplished, contributing adult in our society.

Your student will come to love learning and will feel valued, appreciated and understood.  Your student will flourish in an environment where he or she is supported, encouraged and challenged to excel by our educators.

Our strong foundation of STEM-based education, complimented by our use of proven learning methods, will provide your student with an unrivaled learning experience and tangible advantages, as he or she prepares to grow into young adulthood. The opportunity to stay in one school setting – grades K-to-8 – will provide added value, consistency, and security to your child’s learning experience.

Greenville STEM Academy is structured to ensure that our school is financially accessible for all students and families in Greenville, Pitt County and surrounding communities.  Our student tuition for 2024-25 is $7,450.  Equally important, with the expansion of the NC Opportunity Scholarship Program, attending Greenville STEM will be tuition-free for many families.  Only high income families and those applying later in the enrollment period are likely to pay for a portion of their students’ schooling. To gain high priority status, parents must apply for an Opportunity Scholarship by no later than February 29, 2024. The Greenville STEM Admissions Team will work closely with families to apply for scholarship funds.

Yes!  Any North Carolina student in grades K-to-5 is welcome to apply to Greenville STEM Academy.  Access to transportation to school will be limited to those families in close proximity to our school.

Our first day of school at Greenville STEM Academy will be August 26, 2024.  We are currently accepting applications for students in grades K-to-5 for the 2024-25 school year.

Greenville STEM Academy is located at 901 Staton Rd, in the heart of Greenville and in close proximity to the US 264 MLK Highway.  Our school is easily accessed from major roadways throughout Pitt County and nearby communities. Greenville STEM is located next door to Pitt County Head Start preschool program.

Greenville STEM Academy is accepting applications for enrollment in the 2024-25 school year.  To begin the process, please apply by completing our Application Form.  If you are applying for more than one student, please submit an individual application for each sibling.

A member of the Greenville STEM Admissions Team will follow up to conduct a brief interview to learn more about your student and to access his or her compatability with our school curriculum and learning environment.

Enrolled families at Greenville STEM are eligible to apply for an NC Opportunity Scholarship beginning on February 1.  Greenville STEM will assist you in this process.  Families who have applied by February 29, 2024 will receive priority consideration in the program’s lottery conducted in early April.  Additional families will be considered for scholarships that are awarded in subsequent months  Please visit our Admissions page for more information on the process and procedures.

Greenville STEM Academy will begin operation in the 2024-25 school year by offering education for grades K-to-5. We will incrementally add a grade each subsequent year and will operate as a K-to-8 school by the year 2027-28.  As a result, all students who enter Greenville STEM will have the opportunity to complete their education through middle school at Greenville STEM.

The operating philosophy of Greenville STEM Academy is to provide access to outstanding education to a diverse student population that mirrors our community.  Our goal is to ensure that financial implications don’t create a barrier to attending a school that offers the high quality of education that all students in Greenville, Pitt County and surrounding communities deserve.

Applications for enrollment will be considered individually, in the order in which are received.  An introductory interview will occur shortly after completion of the student application, to begin the formal admissions process.

Greenville STEM Admissions Team members will communicate frequently with enrolled families and applicants throughout the admissions process.  We value  the support and vote of confidence that every applicant family places in Greenville STEM Academy.

No.  Although Greenville STEM Academy is located in Pitt County, our school has complete operational and financial autonomy. Our school has no affiliation with Pitt County Schools and operates independently from the public school district.  Greenville STEM is a designated NC Private School and operates under the supervision of the NC Department of Non-Public Instruction.

Lunches will be provided at no cost to all students who qualify for free lunches.

Greenville STEM Academy intends to provide easy access to our campus.  We will formalize our program and designated centralized pick up/drop off locations after we can assess the geographic footprint of our student population. Factors for determining specific bus stops will include distance from the school, the percentage of students who will be bus riders, economic status, special circumstances, and the geographic distribution of the student population.

Greenville STEM Academy recognizes that for many working families, access to before- and after-school programs is essential. Substantial studies also indicate that many students flourish in environments where they are able to extend the amount of hours they spend each day in an academically-oriented setting.

Greenville STEM is in the process of formalizing our plans to provide subsidized before- and after-school programs for our families, to provide our students with closely supervised attention in an environment that incorporates academics, physical activities, special programming and socialization opportunities.

Greenville STEM Academy‘s academic goals have been developed  with a vision of being the highest performing school in Pitt County.  We intend to provide our students, teachers and families with the resources they need to succeed.  Simply stated, Greenville Preparatory Academy will have high academic expectations of our students and ourselves.

The synergies that are present in the context of STEM-based programs and proven learning methods, make it possible for Greenville STEM to provide our students with an outstanding academic experience.  Our STEM classes allow our students to take ownership of their learning journey and encourages them to think creatively and carefully to arrive at effective solutions.  Our classwork in subjects such as reading and math utilizes sequenced instruction and repetitive practice for students, to ensure mastery of facts, concepts and skills.

Collectively, our proven learning methods provide our students with a diverse array of learning strategies and experiences that serve them well on their path to academic success.

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Thank you for your interest in Greenville STEM Academy.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about student enrollment in 2024-25 or other topics.