Our Approach To Academics

At Greenville STEM Academy, our commitment to academic excellence encourages students to embrace and enjoy learning.  Our focus prioritizes student proficiency.  We shift the traditional focus from time-based learning to the mastery of knowledge and skills. We empower students with practical skills for the modern world.

Here are key components of Greenville STEM Academy learning:

STEM-based Programs

Students are challenged to extend learning across the curriculum, using STEM-based activities and core STEM-content in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our innovative teaching strategies stimulate student curiosity, discovery, critical thinking and collaboration.

Base Academic Subjects

Greenville STEM’s base academic model incorporates core content and foundational skills in reading, reasoning & writing and math,

Direct Instruction Programs

Greenville STEM is committed to teaching every student at an instructional level.  Teachers are actively engaged in the day-to-day learning process. Our teaching method is competency-based.  Our educators teach to subject mastery. They celebrate student achievements and foster an environment of high expectations.

Classroom Environment & Culture

Greenville STEM emphasizes measures of effectiveness and constant evaluation of student data in the process of creating and implementing action plans for each student.  We assess student performance in core programs (Instructional & Behavioral) to recommend academic improvement (I & B) based on skill and performance data.