Competency-Based Learning

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Our Approach

At Greenville STEM Academy, our commitment to academic excellence is epitomized through a competency-based learning approach, incorporated with our STEM foundation. This innovative educational model prioritizes student proficiency, shifting the focus from time-based learning to the mastery of knowledge and skills.

Competency-based learning serves as a cornerstone, aligning with our vision to empower students with practical skills for the modern world. Rather than adhering to traditional timelines, we prioritize the mastery of identified knowledge and skills, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

Key Characteristics of Competency-Based Learning at Greenville STEM:

Emphasis on Measuring Learning Rather than Time: We recognize that the journey of learning is unique for each student. Competency-based learning places a distinct emphasis on measuring the depth of understanding and application of knowledge, irrespective of the time taken. This approach nurtures a comprehensive understanding of subjects and encourages students to delve into concepts thoroughly.

Contingent Upon Mastering Knowledge and Skills: Our competency-based structure ensures that progression is contingent upon the mastery of knowledge and skills. This means that students move forward not simply because time has passed, but because they have demonstrated a robust understanding and practical application of the subject matter.

At Greenville STEM, competency-based learning goes beyond traditional educational paradigms. It empowers students to take ownership of their learning journey, ensuring they are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills essential for success in a rapidly evolving world. By prioritizing proficiency and mastery, we are not just educating students; we are unlocking their potential for a future defined by innovation and achievement.