A major component of the Greenville Preparatory Academy learning experience will include active engagement and interaction with residents of the co-located Rising Phoenix Senior Center and other senior citizens in the greater Pitt County community.

The Greenville Preparatory Academy will be among the nation's leaders in utilizing the innovative component of intergenerational learning in our curriculum.

At GPA, seniors will be encouraged to assist students and teachers with projects and classwork assignments.  Retired educators will have the opportunity to share their decades of experience and expertise with the students and teachers they help.

A 2018 study conducted by Generations United and The Ohio State University, with support from The Eisner Foundation, surveyed over 250 organizations carrying out intergenerational programs, including over 100 with shared sites, across the United States. The study noted that the number and diversity of such programs are increasing, and further noted that program respondents were “hungry to connect with their peers.” Other studies further support this conclusion.

Intergenerational programs provide younger and older generations with the opportunity to interact with each other and provide purposeful benefits to both groups. These programs enhance socialization, promote better health for seniors, and improve literacy development and social skills for school-aged children. Intergenerational programs also strengthen the community by dispelling stereotypes, encouraging cultural exchange, and creating social bonds.

In a present-day society that is desperately in need of more civility, respect and mutual understanding, the intergenerational learning component at Greenville Preparatory Academy will provide tangible benefits for our students and the community at-large.

As part of the intergenerational community, students attending Greenville Preparatory Academy will have access to the campus amenities such as a community garden, amphitheater, pickleball court, hiking trails, etc. These amenities will offer opportunities for even greater interaction and volunteerism between the students and the seniors.

These pillars of our program all tie to our mission of building future leaders who will serve the community with care, compassion and responsibility for seniors in our society.